Belo and the beginning of a beautiful friendship (Amulet #1 Review)

The Stonekeeper
(Amulet #1)
-Kazu Kabuishi

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Amulet is a middle grade fantasy graphic novel series center in the life of brother and sister Navin and Emily. This is my first graphic novel, I heard about it thanks to my newly booktuber obsession and when I saw the first book in a local bookstore (I live in Mexico so you don’t see a lot of books in English) I immediately picked it up. And let me tell you I was not disappointed.

A brief summary

As I said before this narrates the story of Emily and Navin and their quest in the strange new world that they find themselves in “Alledia”. It all starts when their mother decides to move to a small town and live in an empty house that belong to her great grandfather, “a puzzle maker”, who mysteriously disappear after locking himself in the house (no one knows what happened to him) and the cherry on top is that the locals believe the house is haunted.

image (4)So after a very emotional prologue the real story starts the first night they arrive to this haunted, strange and very dirty house when, after finding a strange amulet, someone that wasn’t invited arrived…

image (8)

So, my thoughts…

I really really liked this story. I think is a strong first volume: it gives you a good introduction to the characters, an interesting storyline and an ending that leaves you wanting more. The drawings are beautiful, the plot flows very well, the words in it are just enough and you read it super fast. I would describe it as a story told by drawings that fuels all kinds of emotions between laughter and tears (deep emotions).

I think the story has a lot of space to grow and I will definitely continue the series.

image (9)Do I recommend it? YES! Especially to a kid or teenager that is not that into books or reading (I know this is a graphic novel and not technically a book with a lot of words, but we need to start at some point, right?)

Did I like it? Yes, interesting story, good characters, beautiful drawings and it was really fun and special to read it out loud to “Le Boyfriend” and making all kind of voices.

Goodreads score: 4 stars.

Disclaimer: this and any of my reviews are made with the deepest respect and gratefulness to the author for having the bravery of taking one step forward and putting out there a story that comes from their mind and heart. The opinions are totally mine made by a common reader and in no way I consider myself and expert in the art of literature.

-See you soon


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