Belo and Paper Towns’ Wisdom

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So, I guess I am not done with Paper Towns by John Green there are just some quotes that really stuck with me, most of them related to being in love with someone and I need to talk about them because there are those quotes that make you say “Why didn’t I read you sooner?“

I understand now that the main topic of this book is not love or growing up. The main topic is the huge mistake that we all do probably in a daily basis;

  • Wanting people to adjust to our personal belief of what it is a human being,
  • Idealizing someone, specially the one we love.

“You know your problem Quentin? You keep expecting people not to be themselves. I mean, I could hate you for being massively unpunctual, but I don’t give a shit, because you are you, and that’s ok. There is more to us than one feature”

This is something I am working really hard on, not being judgmental. Because is really simple, who am I to judge another human being? I don’t have the absolute truth; I don’t own the only correct path, the secrets of life haven’t been whisper to my ears. I am just me and you are just you, and that should be enough. I am trying to understand that the people that enter my life are here to teach me something and that the people that leave it have finished their job and have to move on to their next encounter. Because I do believe we are all connected by something that goes beyond ourselves and that the other person is a reflection of something I need to see, learn or understand in order to keep evolving and becoming more myself.

Think about it. Do you have something in your life that keeps repeating or reappearing? We need to learn, not to judge, but to think why? What is the purpose of this? In the understanding that the people around us are our biggest and most efficient teachers and that they have no obligation to enter in our little and personal box.

“What a treacherous thing is to believe that a person is more than a person”

This one came hard, because is something that we have all done and can only lead to disappointment and not on the other person’s fault, but in our own responsibility for making them more than what they are, for making them perfect, unfaulty and with no right to get it wrong. Believing this is one of the most common and most unfair things we can do to another and is something that I had done and that it has been done to me. It is insane to want someone else to fulfill our deepest expectations, the ones that we don’t even know we have until we feel disappointed because she or he didn’t got it.

I am not saying that we aren’t marvelous or magnificent, because we are. We are a meticulously design creation, everything about us is something that has been thought of, but we are by no means perfect, we are not above the laws of life and we can’t make everyone happy. The most we can aspire to is to make ourselves happy without hurting anyone else and with that be fortunate enough to bring something good to another living thing. I am responsible of me as you are responsible of yourself, the best thing that I have to offer is myself, my human and normal down to earth self hoping that when we meet you could see past first impressions and see that I am not an unattainable being or an adventure to a galaxy far far away… I am at the end of the day a girl.

-See you soon


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