Belo and Paper Towns

Book by John Green

This is the third book of John Green that I’ve read (1.Looking for Alaska, 2.The fault in our stars), and as the previous two is a Young Adult/Coming of Age story about a teenage kind of love.

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A brief summary

Quentin “Q” is an average eighteen year old boy who feels very comfortable with routine and is madly “in love” with Margo Roth Spiegelman, his super cool unattainable eighteen year old classmate that is also his neighbor. Living right next to each other they grew up as friends but life and school drifts them apart; Margo becoming the mysterious it girl at school and Q becoming a normal guy with normal friends. The story starts to develop when one night Margo recruits Q to play some practical jokes on her friends as a kind of revenge for messing with her and some other stuff like breaking into Sea World and watching the city from a tall building, during this endeavor they kind of connect. But suddenly the next morning Margo is missing, nobody is particularly worry because this is something she has done before (and she leaves clues about her whereabouts), but her parents are done with her and don’t make an attempt to find her, so when Q finds a clue that was for him he takes on the task of looking for her.

That is what the book is about finding Margo Roth Spiegelman, and in finding her Q kind of redefine himself and gets to know the real Margo.

I got to say that I was expecting another ending, but I liked it and I don’t really like Margo Roth Spiegelman.

So, my thoughts…

I think john green writes really good books, he knows his audience and he knows how to tell a story; but for me the thing is that I feel he is telling the same story with a different twist. Leaving “The fault in our stars” out of the equation, in his books you have a kind of geeky/normal guy who is madly in love with this cool, mysterious, tragic girl that takes an interest in him and leads him into a path full of good self-discovery moments and the realization that the goddess he adores so much is, underneath, just a girl. You have Alaska and Miles, Quentin and Margo, and for what I’ve read so far, Colin and Lindsey (An abundance of Katherines).

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is a good book, I enjoyed it and it gave me some really good quotes to think about, it is what you expect of a John Green book: interesting, funny, with a twist and deep, but I feel I have read it before. Maybe the mystery behind it is that most of us need to hear, read or see something more than once for it to really sink in, and being a theme about rediscover the way you see people, yourself and your philosophy of life I think is handy to read it as much as possible for maximum retention.

Do I recommend it? Yes, especially if you haven’t read anything by John Green, but being honest I would recommend Looking for Alaska first.

Did I like it? Yes, is interesting, easy to read and funny. A good book for Young adults or teens specially if they are starting the habit of reading.

Goodreads score: 3 stars.

-See you soon

Disclaimer: this and any of my reviews are made with the deepest respect and gratefulness to the author for having the bravery of taking one step forward and putting out there a story that comes from their mind and heart. The opinions are totally mine made by a common reader and in no way I consider myself and expert in the art of literature.


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