Belo and 2015

2015… a fresh start, a clean slide, a new beginning, a world of opportunities. How in love we are with the magic of a new year, I came to realize that we romanticize all that it means. We are all about what is new and a new year gets the prize. We plan, we make goals, we close circles and we finish the chapters of a year that ends in order to open and start to write the ones of the year that begins.

A new year is just the ending of a day and the begging of another and with that I understand now that my fresh start, my new begging, my world of opportunities is every day I open my eyes. Today is a fresh start, tomorrow is going to be another fresh start. Everyday we get to make choices, try new things and better ourselves. Everyday is a new day.

The only time we live is in the present, the only moment we have is this one, the only sure thing is the air that we are breathing right now, so let’s make the most of it. The future will come and the past is gone, but our power and our strength lives in the present, let’s use it.

Learn for the past, plan ahead and work today for it to come true. Dream but don’t forget to live.


Goals for my todays

  • Review 1 book per month (minimum).
  • Write 2 post a week (a big one).
  • Stay connected with my heart.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Finish decorating my new home :D, mostly with DIY and the help of the Boyfriend.
  • Adopt a dog.
  • Stay on the healthy side of life.
  • Go to Matacanes (an x-trail in Mexico).
  • Climbing “La Viga” again (a mountain in Mexico).
  • Invest my time more wisely.
  • Fill life with love.
  • Make at least 2 short trips to get to know something new about Mexico.

-See you soon


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