Belo and Tolkien and Jackson


Yesterday was movie time; I put my elfish ears on and went to a journey through middle´s earth finest… the last installment of Peter Jackson´s “The Hobbit”.

Finally the era has come to an end in a very Star Wars kind of way with all the “ending in the middle” and it was totally worth spending a bit more to enjoy it in IMAX 3D.

I love the series, including LOTR. The story, the characters, the cast, the locations, the storyline with barely any Hollywood’s heroes cliches. I am proud to say that I am a faithful fan of Jackson´s vision of Tolkien.

This is a dangerous topic; I understand how it feels to love a book or a series and having someone saying the movie is better and is even harder to listen to someone that hasn’t read the books. To this I am completely guilty. I knew LOTR from the movies and then I read The Hobbit after seeing the first one, and being completely honest I didn’t enjoy it, for the first time in my life I can say that I prefer the movie over the book.

For things that I have read on line I know that they are a lot of fans that don’t like what Jackson has done to The Hobbit. But for me it is the ultimate declaration of love and respect. He took his story and push it to the limit, and did a wonderful trilogy with it. And now we have 6 highly entertaining movies that tell his vision in a respectful and visually amazing way.

I respect the book a lot and I think Tolkien´s creation is perfectly detail and difficult to match. He thought of everything. He is and inspiration to every author out there with a story to tell, he is an inspiration to me, and I think his story is one that will continue to be alive filling the hearts and the minds of a lot of people after me. I wish I would have read the books before seeing the movies? Yes, I think I would have fallen in love with them, but I didn’t and instead I fell in love with the movies. 

 The Hobbit: the battle of the 5 armies (No Spoilers)

  1. Highly entertaining (Lots of action)
  2. A few gasping moments
  3. 1 thing in particular that I didn’t expect
  4. Laughs to help you break the drama and stress
  5. Benedict Cumberbatch voice
  6. Really smooth storyline (it goes by fast)

Liked it a lot and recommend it even more.

Tolkien, thank you for such a beautiful characters and a fantastic world to known.

Jackson, thank you for this visual poem to Tolkien and all of us (and for keeping the typical heroe´s cliches to a minimum).

I have to say that this experience has made me more patient and tolerant with people that comment without reading. I understand now that every voice deserves to be heard even when they don’t love HP Series as much as I do.

-See you soon​



2 comentarios en “Belo and Tolkien and Jackson

  1. I haven’t read the books either, and I’m constantly told that I am missing out. But speaking on the subject of book vs movie, I think it’s up to you. Sometimes your opinion is determined by what you see/read first. But, if you enjoy one more than the other then that’s ok. I love books! But I also really enjoy watching movies too. So here’s to loving what we love! :)

    Me gusta

    • Of course, I completely agree with you. And i also agree that because I saw the movies first (to be honest when the first one came out I didn’t know there were books) my opinion is not impartial.
      Thank you for commenting 😊

      Me gusta

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