A spooky time of year

She didn’t know what was going on. Her body felt weird and the air in the house was dense. The sun hadn’t come out yet and she knew that was wrong, it was really late for it to be this dark. As she tried to get out of bed she had the strangest feeling of abnormality, something wasn’t right but she couldn’t figure it out…yet.

She opened the door and went to the kitchen for a glass of juice, doing something ordinary to see if she could shake the weirdness out of her, but the juice didn’t taste good, she reach for an apple and it was worse, all sweet and juicy but for some reason wrong.

How silent everything was, not a sound, “the world seems off” she thought. And then something caught her eye, the window, the curtains were close, they were never close, she walked towards it like a blind person, so slowly and so carefully that she was barely moving trying to grasp something, anything that gave her a clue of what was going on…but nothing.

She reached the window and saw the little amount of light that was filtering in, she felt a notch in her stomach and her breathing accelerated; now she could hear her heart trying to get out of her chest. She took the golden curtain and opened it and as she did it the light touch her face, she remembered…

The black dot in the middle of the sky, the purple curtain that was surrounding it like a dome, the sky turning blue again, the time standing still for a fraction of a minute, the scream, the race, the street getting busy, the abandon cars, the babies crying, the body on the ground, the anxiety, the running, his face, his hands, his eyes turning weird, the grab, the kick, her scream, the sky getting foggy and nothing…

She saw it, right there in her arm, a single tear escaped her eyes as she breathed deeply and slowly.

“Shit” she thought.

-See you soon


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