Belo and The Lovely Blog Award

For what I understand this Award is created for the purpose to help recently new blogs to get out there and start building an audience and also to recognize blogs that someone considers lovely.

The process is really simple:
1. Someone nominates you.
2. You accept, thank the academy and you post or put the blog loving award logo on your blog.
3. You share 7 things about yourself.
4 Nominate 10-15 blogs and let them know.

For the academy

I really want to thank from the sticks to the bricks and back again and faithful homesteader for the nomination. I’m really proud and honor that there are at least 2 persons out there that think my little space is lovely and are looking forward for more of my writing.

Thank you… thank you… thank you! I promise to keep doing my very best.

7 facts about Belo

  1. When I start to write the words come out in English or Spanish without me planning it (that is why I write in both languages, kind of weird).
  2. I love the smell of unprocessed tobacco but I hate (strong word I know) cigarettes and the smell of it when someone smokes.
  3. Love the smell of coffee but prefer to drink tea or chocolate.
  4. I recently discover the power and wonderful feeling that breathing gives.
  5. Even though I don’t cry that easily, I am an extremely sentimental being (“You have too much heart” my mom says).
  6. I am a Disney fanatic but I haven’t been to Disneyland/Disneyworld yet.
  7. Two goals in my life: visit all continents and write a book.

For the nominees:

Some are fellow classmates of the blogging 101 September 2014 course that I am currently in and others are blogs that I have stumble upon. There is no specific reason for the order I put them, they are just nice new or semi new bloggers that caught my eye:

  1. Como crear tus sueños
  2. En positivo coaching
  3. La del libro abierto
  4. Tucked into a corner
  5. Stories without borders
  6. Nora’s fresh kitchen
  7. Postcards by Rachel
  8. Cognitive Reflection
  9. Book Freez
  10. The lovely inside
  11. The multifaceted nerd
  12. Writer on the rocks

Final thoughts:

I really love this award for the simple fact that it accomplishes what is set to do. For my nominees I had to browse and find blogs that spoke in some way to me and that meant having to dedicate some time for the task and my findings were so lovely, and wonderful and surprising. The blogosphere is full of wonderful people and beautiful blogs that are ready to touch our lives if we only give them the opportunity. I hope you do.

-See you soon


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