This is for you, yes of course I mean you!

You are the one I have been looking for all along and you haven’t change a bit. You are the same as when I was 9 and I was writing a super formal letter to the president telling him everything a 9 year old thought he had to address (you know the real problems of the world).  You are still the same that read all that childish stories featuring me and my friends from elementary school, the same one that accompany me in my teens when I was writing love poems to the void. And the one that lived highschool through me (yes that was kind of fun), my first attempt to write a novel (2 chapters long but it was interesting).

You may have lots of different faces but you are still the same. The one with an open mind to see the world through a different window (your personal window) and I am honor that you allow me and give me the chance to share with you a little bit of what it is in my soul in the hopes that maybe something would find a way to get into yours and make you consider what I am saying in a poem or in a story or in a statement piece.

You have always been here or there or far o near, but you have always been. And you continue being with that beautiful soul and an open minded heart and with a big question mark for the world, looking for answers, seeing different things and wanting to learn more and to explore. The one who knows how to appreciate a good book, a splendid song, delicious food or a heartbreaking movie, and knows how to give an opinion from heart to heart. This is for you just as much as it is for me.

And whether you have been with me since I was 9, or you enter my life at 12 or 15 or you are just getting here. Welcome, take a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer), a cookie and enjoy. I solemnly swear I will always do my best to have something here that will catch your eye and most importantly touch your soul.

-See you soon


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