She (2)

It started like a game, a delicious sado-masoquistic game between two friends that were filling spaces with touches and feelings that weren’t theirs to begging with. The first moments were magical; you could say they were close to perfect, a strangely well measure provocation with splashes of tenderness that filled her whole body with sensations that were almost forgotten, buried in the deepest layers of her skin. The dice was in the air, the rules were set and the self-control was fighting to survive.

The kisses were slowly marking her face, her neck, her shoulders, her ears, but never the lips, that was an unbreakable rule. His touch was arousing her exploring her back, her stomach, her neck, and for a moment that touch felt exactly like what she thought she was looking for; the provocation continue and he was, little by little and piece by piece, breaking with dedication and eagerness every one of the walls and limits that she had on, using his expertise and knowledge he was teaching and conquering a territory that was learning and discovering all that meant letting go.

And suddenly, there was a moment that mark the difference, there was a moment when she felt complete; she felt she found what she was looking for, little to later realize that it wasn’t, but for a moment, an instant it felt that way. The rule broke (as all really good unbreakable rules do), the self-control that was fighting to survive surrender and the lips did the unthinkable and kissed, filling her with a delicious new sensation that made her realize that it was the beginning and the end…

He is delicious and interesting to play love with but what happens when one loses control over the game, the risk is to high the things that are at stake are too precious for a twenty-something year old to know what the hell she is gambling. But it doesn’t matter because she is feeling something again, in those moments neither can see nor understand that the fire is catching up to them and that at least one is going down.

-See you soon


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