…On Books and Growing up… Part 2

If you haven’t read part I and are interested, here it is


I discover Harry Potter at the age of 9. I was staying at a cousin’s house and I saw the book and started going through the pages, after a few moments I fell asleep and never saw the book again. Little did I know that a year later that book, that I barely noticed, would completely change my life.

It was the year 2000 and they organized a book fair at my school, there was a big table outside the administration’s office and I started to look through the books for something that catched my eye, when suddenly I saw a small book with yellow covers and a big drawing on the center of it (something about it seemed familiar).Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal



…Here I have to briefly explain that I am a firm believer that the books call us when is the time to read them and my God did a feel a calling, the book was practically pulling me to grab it and I did…



I was 10 years old, in my opinion the best age to discover that incredible world, and it was perfect timing, because it was at a premovie premadness time. I devour the first 3 books (the only ones published in spanish by that year) and I remember that one of my uncles bought me the third one, because at the fair my mom told me that two were enough and we would get the third one later and with 10 years old I panicked and thought that I would never get my hands on it if I didn’t bought it, so my uncle did, in secret (he made me promise that I had to finish all of them and I am proud to say that I did). And that book that I discover by destiny was the start of the seven years in which I lost myself in the world of Hogwarts and magic and wizards, I waited with dear faith my letter when I turned eleven and I accepted with a heart full of grief that the books were books and I could live the adventure through them, learn from them and apply it in my own muggle life.

Harry Potter changed me as a reader. I discover the overwhelming, exciting and great experience that is taking a book and make it your own. I lived that series, I know it sounds dumb or even a little dramatic but I really did, with these books I discover that imagination is one of the most powerful abilities that we have and that it can take us a long way. Books make us think, they force us to open our minds and consider everything, because in that world everything is possible; of course our language improves and we can learn new ones (I had to improve my English in order to read books 5 to 7 because I couldn’t wait a whole year for them to get translate). But I feel that it goes beyond that, they teach us perspective, ethics, bravery, love, sadness, despair, patience and so on. And most important (in my humble opinion) they teach us to think by ourselves because when we read there is only the book and our mind, and in that moment we have to process the information that is giving to us and we have to decide how we feel about it, what we think about and if we agree or we don’t. (Cool don’t you think?)

But returning to Harry Potter, these were the first books that made me experience my feelings outside the page:

  • I laughed (several times) out loud with the twins and Ron.
  • I cried with Sirius’ death.
  • I felt the loneliness and despair of the trio in the seventh book.
  • I got angry with a lot of abusive people.
  • I felt that “always” with all my heart.
  • I got so confused and with mix feelings about Dumbledore when I had no idea what de heck was going on.
  • And among other things I had a lot of really deep conversations with my fellow potterheads about all of it.

I think this entry is getting a little too long and that the point that I was trying to make is kind of explained, so I am going to leave you with the basic philosophy behind Harry Potter that I found several years ago I think that in StumbleUpon. (There is a lot more behind the books but that’s for another time)

What I learned from the Harry Potter series:

  • That family is important.
  • A bully can become a great man.
  • No one loves you more than your mother.
  • Your family does not define who you are.
  • Judge people by who they are not by what they are.
  • Smile when the world becomes dark.
  • See the world with an open mind.
  • Hard work and determination will lead to success.
  • Love is the most powerful magic.
  • Fight for equality.
  • Overcome your fears.
  • Do what is right instead of what is easy.
  • Cherish friendship.

Thank you Mrs. Rowling

“We defended the stone, we found the chamber, we freed the prisoner, we were chosen by the goblet, we fought with the order, we learned from the prince and we master the hallows”

-See you soon!



2 comentarios en “…On Books and Growing up… Part 2

  1. Erasmo dijo:

    I agree with your experience regarding the rendez-vous with another person’s world that makes you rediscover yours contained in the reading experience. I think it’s like learning a new language, you suddenly become aware of categories of thought (which words give us) that you’ve never thought about but that guide your perception of the world and thus your actions. Awareness can give you freedom. I once read that it is was interesting that the words “libro” and “libre” were so similar. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Me gusta

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