…On books and Growing up…

Books of the moment.

Books of the moment.

I’m the first one to admit that I haven’t read the number of books that I should have being 24 and all, but I can say that I have read a few. My love for them started when I was a little girl. But to get to that we need to go a bit deeper in my “growing up” experience.

Being a child in my house was as normal as any other. I had a mom and a dad that were a perfect pair of loving and imperfect parents, an older brother that was exactly how an older brother with a little sister should be and several pets that change through the years. I had a gigantic house, at least through the eyes of a six year old, full of secrets just for me and a beautiful and big garden perfect for the most dangerous and romantic adventures of all times. I had Disney to give me ideas, my imagination to better them and my whole world to make them true.

As a kid I learn a lot:

  1. That 2 heads think better than 1. (thank you for that one brother)
  2. That peeing yourself by laughing it’s worth it, every time.
  3. That giving a rat, that you found in your backyard, a full on funeral will end in a scream from your mom.
  4. Breaking your mother favorite vase, even though you were running through the forbidden forest, neverland, Mountain of Doom and Narnia escaping death by a thread, will end in a scream from your mom.
  5. That a lot of things will end up in a scream from your mom, but the smile and the love always comes back.
  6. Once you are told you can’t complain.
  7. Real chocolate and mod chocolate (even if you use the super magical willy wonka’s factory stuff) don’t taste the same.
  8. Wood jenga tiles are not fair weapons in a wet paper fight.
  9. The hardest questions have the simpler answers, but are not always the easiest choice.
  10. Not everything you see can be eaten.
  11. You can be the fearless, truest, bravest, smartest, cleverest and most beautiful princess in the whole world but after dinner you still have to wash the dishes.
  12. You can cure everything, from the bite of a dragon to the swing of a sword, with water and soap.
  13. The best partnership between a brother and a sister: brother playing the videogame, sister: watching, giving orders and getting over exited.

And in that way playing, imagining and believing I grew up full of excitement and hope, knowing that it didn’t matter what life brought me: a bad day, a rainy birthday or a tearfull goodbye I would always be able to keep going, seeing the sun in the horizon or enjoying getting wet in the rain.

Now returning to books.

Some of the things I remember the most of my childhood are three things:

  • The bookcases fill with hundreds and hundreds of books that were all over my house.
  • My dad with a book always by his side (in the car, in the desk, in the couch, while eating…always.), my mom always reading at night.
  • My dad, sitting at bed time between my brother’s room and mine reading to us until we fell asleep.

So, with those pictures I grew up to love books. I started reading really young; I have always thought it was in my genes. My firsts were “easy” books, fairy tales and short stories pass on cousin to cousin… Short and bright books that slowly caught my attention and made me want more and more. Another one of my hobbies was to see and try to understand “grown up” books, often I played they were books of my adventures, like a transfiguration book or dark arts book that I need it for my classes or a genealogy book from the old days of Narnia that would state that I was the real queen or some subject that would be of some utility for my particular quest.

My fascination with books continued to grow and I discover excellent ones, like “The Little Prince”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, among others. But the moment everything change was the day I discover “Harry Potter” (Yes, I am proudly one of those).

To be continue (later this week :O)…

About the little prince… this is the first book that I really remember and one that I fully recommend. Full with beautiful metaphors, lessons on the simplicity of life and one that will teach you something different every time you read it. Personally I have read this book at least 3 times since that year of 1998 when I first discover it and it is simply breathtaking.

To see a full list of the books I’ve read and some of the reviews I’ve made, visit my goodreads profile

-See you soon :)


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